Sunday, June 27, 2010

Schmidtlein Family Time

Next we went the far distance to Fernley and stayed at Brya's where we met up with my parents and little brothers (Dallyn and Leith.)
We decided to let the kids go swimming since it had been so hot! We picked the day that was cold! We ended up boiling water to off set the cold water being put in from the hose! Whether cold or not they had lots of fun playing with their uncles!!
Emma is turning out to be a poser like her sister! Only when she wants to though!!
Then everyone came back to Fallon and stayed for a couple days! We ended with a picnic at the park. We made for a huge group!! We had my parents and brothers, Brya and her kids, Matt and Annie and their kids, us, and my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin!!
Needless to say we kind of took over the park!!
Emma really liked the merry go round! I remember liking it too, but now I won't even go close to it!!
Even Emma made it to the top of the rocket ship, unannounced to me!
The good think about a big group is there's plenty of help to go around!We had so much fun seeing everyone, it had been a long time since we had seen a lot of them!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Virgina City

Our next trip was to Virginia City! Of all of us Madison had the most fun!

Brad and I have a picture of us in this chapel when we were dating in high school!
I couldn't pass it up!

Madison LOVED going into all the stores!! Once we would leave one she would practically pull me into the next!!
Emma's favorite part was the car!!
Besides the stores, we stayed here the longest.
They had to each take a turn driving Over and Over!
And who can go to Virginia City without getting an old time picture done!! Brad wanted us all in but I won!!On the way down I started feeling car sick so we pulled over at the scenic stop.

It was a lot of fun but I would not recommend it to people with little children who don't love to go in shops!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sac Town

So this year our "Vacation" was supposed to be going up to my parents for my Dad's retirement but because they were moving that weekend we decided to not at more stress to a stressful situation and didn't go. But Brad already had the time off so we decided to take a bunch of miny trips!!
Our first trip was to Sacramento. Where we stayed with my brother and his family! It was so great to see them and the kids! They are so cute and grow up so fast!! Here are the kids swimming!!
Brad Found a little friend!!
Emma being the littlest was deemed the bucket girl and they filled that bucket till she screamed for them to stop!!
We actually came unprepared for the pool and after this I'm kind of glad. She just looks so cute!!We also went to Fairytale Town while we were there!! The girls loved it!!

I figured at least our little darkie Em looked like she fit in the tee pee.
Madison loved the castle, who would have guessed!
I loved the hydrangeas!!
Emma started getting a little tired and crawled up on Cinderella's carriage and sat there for a long time!!
Then they had to take a ride!
This reminds me of a picture I have of my family in South Dakota at Story Book Island, same idea as Fairytale Town but better!!
So I wanted both the girls to try!
We had snow cones that got ALL over! But that's the fun of vacation, right?
We found a little pirate while we were there! The cutest pirate I have seen!

Appropriate!! Although, maybe Em should have been the Lion!

After a long day we headed home, and the girls were exhausted!!
I wish I could say they slept well that night!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Dad

Today my Dad had his retirement ceremony and I am so sad that we were unable to go!! So I just had to post how proud I am of my Dad!! He has served in the United States Navy for 28 years!! All my life, and I couldn't be prouder of his service to his country!!
Congratulations, I love you Dad!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Madison's First Dance Recital

Yesterday was Madison's first dance recital. She was so excited!! The whole day she kept reminding me to put on her red lipstick and asking when she was going to dance!! It didn't start till 7pm so it was a long day of reminders!!
Before we headed to the recital we went to Annie's to put on her make up and take pictures. It was so weird to see the girls with make up but they did look so cute!!
And apparently cold
Here is our little Dragonfly!!
Reagan, Madison, and Kate All of the Dragonflies
And our little poser!
Brad bought a flower for her at the recital, she loved it!! She hugged it through the entire preformance! She decided she needed to get flowers after every time she danced!!
We stayed for the entire preformance that night, and she just loved it. Every time a dance was over she would check to see if Brad was clapping and if he wasn't she would say "Clap Daddy!"
The next day she had lots of visitors. Brya and the kids came and Traci and Lynnie. Brya and the kids brought her some beautiful flowers. Madison was so happy to get more flowers!!
The sad thing about this prefomance is she had a fever! She woke up and told us she had a headache and then we checked later and founf out she had a fever. We still went to the one o'clock preformance becasue she was acting better and REALLY wanted to go!
But that ended up being her last one! She still had the fever and it had even got up so we ket her home instead of going to the seven o'clock preformance. It was hard for her she even cried a bit but it wasn't whole hearted because she really wasnt feeling good!!
Madison was so excited about everyone that came to see her dance (Grandma and Grandpa Lewis came, too.
I was so proud of her!! She did such a great job, it was just adorable!! Definitly a proud mama moment!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Red Lips

This morning, while I was still in bed, Madison walked into my bathroom and walked out with this lovely Red Lipstick! We put it on her the day before for her dress rehearsal for dance and obviously she loved it!! She actually did a pretty good job putting it on. The sad thing is it really shows that she has my lips which are pretty much nonexistent.
(By the way the only reason I have this very red lipstick is because I bought it for a "How to Host a Murder" party! I don't actually wear it!!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Things Kids Say

I was thinking the other day of all the cute and horrible things my children say and do and thought I should document them so I don't forget!!
1. "No, be nice Daddy"
(with her finger pointed at me)
Translation: No, be nice to Daddy!
(We were having a "discussion")
2. "What doin?"
She asks me this every two seconds sometimes, it is cute but gets annoying being asked so many times!
3. Hey, Sissy!
(Every time she see's Madison)
4. Emma is our first biter
5. When Emma wants to go outside she gets my shoes and puts them on me, usually on the wrong feet!!
6. "Where Maddie?"
(Sounds like Ma-ee)
7. She copies EVERYTHING her sister does!
(This worries me, although it could be the other way around and that would be worse!!)
8. To her fathers joy she always defends her father when we play around.
1. I asked her how she got so sweet and she said "cause you taught me."
2. "Don't do that or I'll punch you in the nose."
(not in that order, totally different times)
3. Today when we went to Walmart the stuff in the cart were all "her friends."
4. She talks to everything, today it was her ice cream cake!
5. She sings ALL the time about EVERYTHING around her!
6. Mouthwash is "Wash mouth"
7. A fly swatter is a "fly swapper"
8. She loves the Dentist
9. Told her friend the other day when she was coming over to play that they couldn't get the playroom dirty because she just cleaned it.
(proof that she is my child!!)
10. Defends me when her Dad attacks me!!
(I get the one who can actually do something)
To Be Continued.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

ABC School Graduation

In January we started our own version of Joy School that we called ABC School! Madison couldn't have been more excited!! She would ask me at least three times a week when it was time to go to pre-school!
We did lots of fun stuff and even learned a few things here and there! I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids. I do have to say it was a lot more work then I thought, but that was really my own fault, I planned way to much every time!

Today was their graduation and here are the graduates waiting to begin!
(Samuel, Camille, Sarah, and Madison)
And a would be graduate
(wanting to be like her sister, again!)
Madison kept saying we were going to her graduations! It was really cute!

True Sisters!!
Samuel had to get a picture with Madison!! Along with an education this year Samuel got his first crush! It was so adorable! On our last class, at my house, his Mom told me he saved a shirt to wear for the whole month so he could wear it to Madison's house and he not only had to comb his hair but put jell in it!! What a cute little guy! After Graduation we had otter pops and played at the park! Who could ask for a better Graduation?!