Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lake

As always we had the week at the lake for the Stark Reunion! We weren't able to be out the whole week but we sure had fun when we were there!

Don't you just love the hair!!
Both girls loved the Jet ski! But Madison liked it faster then Emma.
Our cute little poser!!
The ever horrible picture I post of myself, my Mom once said I should have pictures of myself so that if I die early my children will have them to remember me by!
Morbid I know but True!!
Madison had a lot of fun riding on Brad's back! And ordering him around!!
Brad and Jake had fun throwing the girls, even when they are thrown Lynnie is higher!! Not fair!!
We had so much fun with Aunt Liz, as always!
Liz, Madison and their person they made.
(Madison named it the weirdest name, I can't remember the name!!)

Yet again another fun filled week with family!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camping in Kingston

Our final trip for a VERY long time was to Kingston! My Dad grew up in Austin and spent some of his younger years in Kingston canyon! My Dad wanted to to go camping there and climb Bunker Hill. Which should not be called hill but ginormous mountain!!We went camping there a couple times when I was little. This time we were larger in number but still missing a lot! Matt's kids got sick just before so they were unable to come and Brad had to work. So Brya and I went without our husbands and Matt with out his family. As much as I hate to say it Matt had it right!! I will NEVER go camping without Brad again!!
We had six kids and five adults, you would think easy, not so!!

Every time I turned around Madison was clinging to her Uncle Dallyn!
And Emma was in time out!!

When she wasn't clinging she was posing for the camera!
And Em was squatting in the dirt!

The joys of feeding kids with no high chairs!! How did they do it back in the day?
So I think my favorite thing about camping is I don't wear makeup or do my hair or care what I'm wearing!! As you can tell!!

Time out AGAIN, you'd think she would catch on! Clinging again!!
The last morning we were there was a bit cold! Jenna was lucky Grammie had an extra sweatshirt, and I had a camera!! What a cutie!!
What a shot!

The camping trip was fun and enlightening all at the same time!! I learned its not the most fun going without your husband. Madison learned that when she has a UTI she screams every time she goes to the bathroom, and Emma learned if you look cute at your uncles they will pick you up!
The only bad thing about the trip was we were missing my sister Tara and her family, Charlie and his wife and Mike on his mission!! We sure missed them!!

My Dad