Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Madison has a new pair of FAVORITE shoes. The problem is they are not hers!!! Brya bought them for her bear (from build a bear.) So as you can see they don't fit, but because they are open toed they work.
The "great" thing is they apparently go with all of her outfits!! Now i wonder why I have spent money to buy her shoes when I've had the perfect pair all along!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Pictures


While we were in Washington we got family pictures taken and we just got the proofs. Here are a couple of the pictures. ( what you can't tell is we were all FREEZING!!!

Dad and Mom


Charlie, Me,Leith,Mom, Dad,Dallyn, Tara and Mike

The Girls (minus Bry)

That was the only bad thing about the pictures was Bry and Matt weren't there. And of course the spouses!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today marked the first day of swimming!! Madison was so excited!! She loves to swim!!

The only bad thing was the pool actually had a few holes so Brad had our pump hooked to it, being blown up the whole time. We went and got a new pool that afternoon!!!

Then Madison decided to sun bathe! She would lay on the towel, jump back in the pool. swim, and then go to her towel. She already has some great tan lines on her back and backside!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our CrAzY Weekend!!

For starters on Friday we left at four in the morning to go to Montana!! Yeah, that's a 13 hour drive that turned into a 15 hour drive. Due to Madison having to go to the bathroom and me having to get out and walk. When we got there Brad realized he left his bag at home with all of his clothes. Which was especially great since we had Jake's graduation to go to the next morning!!

We went to graduation at 7:30 the next morning which was so great to be able to go to!! Congradulations agian to Jake!! That is so awsome!! Then the girls got to play and we had a BBQ and birthday party for Dallin and Colby ( my nefews.)

Madison got to ride on Lynnie's bike (her first time on a "big girl bike.") Then Sunday morning we got up packed ate breakfast and drove home!! It was so great to see all of the family!! But it was such a quick trip that it was all very rushed!! But I'm so glad that we got to go!!!


Which everyone knew!! hehehe!! No, but I really won these adorable shoes!! I am so excited to put them on our little girl once she's here!!! I won them on my friends blog MommaSassy Its a really cool blog for mothers. She does lots of different things on the blog and one of them is giveaways from different companies and I won these from one of them!! They are the cutest shoes, I had a really hard time picking which ones I wanted. The store they are from is BabyThingsByJessica. Its definitely worth checking out they are so cute and a REALLY good price!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're Home!!

We are now home!! It was really hard to leave but it was so great to see Brad!!! Although when we were flying into Reno I saw all the brown and was tempted to tell the pilot to turn around!!!
Here is the crew when we went to the beach. Joy, Paul, Brigham, Tara, and Madison.
Madison, Joy, and Charlie were in the Holland Happening Parade. Charlie said Madison had more fun eating the candy then throwing it!!
Madison really had fun with her cousins and uncles!! She just loved her Aunt Tara and Grammie and Grandpa. She's already asked several times to go to "Aunt Tara's and Grammies."

This is my six month belly. Traci said I had to post it!!

We had a great time in Washington and it was a awesome reminder of how blessed I am to have such a great family!!!!

Tulip Festival

While we were in Washington they had their yearly Tulip Festival. It was so neat, they had so many different kinds of tulips. I thought other then colors they were the same. How wrong I was!!
Madison, my Mom, and I went to a garden and got to walk around and see all the different kinds. Madison really liked all the flowers!

Along with the gardens they also just had fields of tulips!! They were so pretty!!!
The only thing I hate about the tulips is they only last so long, what a shame since they are so pretty!!