Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A new addition

I figured I should finally post that we are going to have another addition to our family!

We just found out last week that it is going to be a GIRL!!!

We are all very excited! Especially Emma who kept saying she wanted a sister! Madison wanted a boy but is now excited about a girl! She actually informed the doctor it was a boy after he told us it was a girl.

This one was all on our own!! We actually did 8 months of Fertility last year and even did artificial insemination with no luck. At that point we decided to take a brake and then 6 months later found out we did it on our own!!

We are open to suggestions for names, or I should say I am, Brad has a name picked out already and I'm not ready to commit!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Softball Opening Season

This is our first season of Softball and after opening ceremonies, pictures, and two games I can safely say the parents who do this are saints!! It was a VERY long day!! And I only had one kid, I know others that had three doing the same thing!!We started out with Madison being VERY shy! She was clinging to my leg until I forced her out onto to the field. I know you think, gosh its her first time, but really her Uncle is her coach and her cousin is on the team. She wouldn't even go to them! But by the end she was smiling and waving and even said her name when they brought her the microphone!!
Emma just sat in the best seat of the house!!

Although it may look like she is ready for anything she would stand back and let the other girls get the ball!! At least she has the stance down! (the second game she did go after the ball)

In the end it was a great experience for her and she loved it!!

So it was well worth it!!