Monday, May 30, 2011

Schmidtlein Reunion

For the first time we had a Schmidtlein Reunion or maybe its just the first I've been to. Either way we went up to Kingston and went camping. The funny part was not one of the people there had the last name of Schmidltein, there were a lot with the middle name but not last. From our family Brya and I and our families were the only ones able to go so ALL the boys carrying the name were not there!
The main reason for us going there was to clean and fix up my Nana and Papa's grave, it was nice for the kids to get to see the graves and get to help with the cleaning!

My Uncle Don made a fence to go around all the family graves and it really turned out nice!! He is very skilled!

The girls had tons of fun playing with all their cousins and it was great for the adults to get reacquainted!! It had been since my sophomore year in high school since I had seen some of my cousins!!

Here's Brad working hard or hardly working whichever you prefer!!

Emma really did have fun contrary to this fit!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preschool Play

In Madison's preschool at the end of the year they put on a little play.

Madison was the ButtercupBilly, buttercup, caterpillar, and the rose
Always willing to pose!!

Mrs. Stark (Aunt Janet) and Madison.

Madison had SO much fun in preschool this year, she was very worried about not seeing Mrs. Stark again, but fortunately we have the family tie so she can keep seeing her!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Field Trip

Today was Madison's last field trip for preschool!!
And they went to the Firehouse!! After watching a video they actually got to see the trucks go out on a call which was pretty cool! Well for the kids to see not for the person's house that was on fire, but everyone was ok so it wasn't too bad!

They had so much fun!