Friday, March 11, 2011


Ok, so not only have I been slacking on posting apparently I have been slacking on taking pictures too!! I just went to pull up some pictures to post and there are none to post. The last pictures I uploaded were from Halloween! Sad I know!Needless to say I will be filling in the last three or four months in later!! With pictures!!
But for an update....
Things have been going kind of crazy here!! Between all the sicknesses, which have been extensive, we have had Preschool, Ballet, and Play dates for Madison. And she will be starting Tea ball next month! Fortunately Emma is still to young to start anything yet but will start ballet this summer, which could be VERY interesting! Brad has been non stop between work and work at home!! And I have been trying to keep instep with all of them while watching kids, craft groups, a trip to Idaho, and lots of sickness!! Did I mention we have been sick..oh because we have!! The thing I'm worried about is Madison doesn't even start Kindergarten till the Fall!! Then we will have a whole knew crop of sicknesses, the joys of children!!
Well hopefully that has given a brief update and I promise to follow or precede this one with others!!