Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 months and Everywhere!!

Well Emma is now 9 months old!!

She has been pretty busy this last month!! She now pulls herself up on the couch and crawls (when she feels like it, otherwise its an army crawl!)
Still no teeth, I'm holding out for a year like Madison!!
I also now know how it feels to have a kid that gets into EVERYTHING!!! It makes me miss Madison being that age and I didn't have to worry about her putting stuff in her mouth or getting into my stuff!! But still Madison wasn't half as smilie as Emma and I LOVE that!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 generation pictures!!

So here are the long awaited 5 generations pictures!! My great grandma actually passed away a couple weeks ago and it makes me appreciate even more that we were able to go down and see her!! She was such a great woman!!
Here is Emma with her great great grandma and Grammie!!

Easter---Really late!!!

Well here is our Easter REALLY late!! Things have been crazy!! We ended up at my sister Brya's in Fernley and had a lot of fun. We decided to stray from the norm and have chicken curry for dinner instead of Ham!! It was great!! We were even able to see Brya sing in church so it was a great Easter!!
Here's Emma with the book she got!!
(Yes she did go in for the kill!!)
Here are the kids after the Easter Egg hunt!!
The girls!!
And all the kids together!! I thought they looked so cute!!!