Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well we got back late last night from Washington and so glad to be home!! We had a lot of fun but it was a quick LONG trip!! For those who don't know we went to my little brother Charlie's wedding. He got married on Saturday.

So here is the happy couple!! Charlie and Janet Schmidtlein!!

Here's the three girls, their colors are black and red.

Then just my two cuties!!

Madison of coarse took advantage of the dance floor!! It was so cute she was dancing the majority of the time!!

Uncle Charlie and Emma

Madison dancing with her Aunt Janet. Janet was so cute with her!! Madison would just look at her and say Mommy look a princess!!

Charlie Janet and my parents

Grammie and my exhausted baby

The fingers

Uncle Charlie and Madison

The princess and Charlie!!

And then all of us
Leith, Dallyn, Matt, Charlie, Janet, Me, Tara, and Brya
(the only kid missing was Mike who is in Indonesia on his mission)

Emma hanging out with Grandpa!

We were all exhausted when Saturday was over but Madison was still ready to go!! She was so excited when her grandpa made the scooter her size!!

Madison and grandpa

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eight Months

So first I should let everyone know that there is a reason I post EVERY month of Emma's life!! My sister Tara told me that she takes pictures of her kids on every month so she and they can see the changes when they are older. I thought that it was a GREAT idea since they do change So much in their first year!! So I decided to do that with my kids. But I found that I am not so good at remembering which month in which unless I label them right away. (Madison has some that might not be exact!!) So now I figure if I post them I won't be able to forget!!

So here is month eight!!

We had a lot of fun doing these ones!! Of coarse Madison had to have some taken of her after!!

I just think she looks so sweet in this one!

I know that I'm crazy with all the pictures but I just can't help it, she is just so dang cute!! Just be glad I only showed five there were around 100!! Maybe more!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

OK, First of all SNOW, Seriously!!! SNOW!! I am so not impressed we have been having nice warm days in the 70"s!!! Now today I look out the window and SNOW!!!
Really it's obviously a dusting but, SERIOUSLY!!!

Second, I actually successfully french braided Madison's hair. She has very fine hair so its pretty tricky, but Traci did it the other day so I knew it could be done!! So here it is, don't look to close!!

Thirdly, this little BEAST is killing me!! She is blowing raspberries EVERY time I feed her!! So we are now down to stripping her down and apron on me!! Still I get covered all the way up to my glasses!! ANY suggestions?!

And fourth, here are some pictures by our budding photographer!!

I think she was trying to take a picture of Emma, but who knows!

Orange box, because that is a VERY interesting picture!!


Chap stick on chair!!

Don't even ask!! I think we would call it nastiness!!

The brave little toaster!!

You should have seen some of the other ones, they would have been great for that game that you look at a picture that's really zoomed in and have to figure out what it is!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I just had to comment on my colorful blog!! I KNOW, its super colorful, but I couldn't resist, I'm just SO excited for spring!! Sorry!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!

Well first off HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! Hope everyone had a great day!! Ours was good!! I decided to go green for our meals!! First we had GREEN potatoes and eggs!!
For lunch we had GREEN macaroni and cheese!!

And for dinner I made a traditional Irish meal. Potato and Leek soup and Irish soda bread!!
The Soup was REALLY good!! I was not a big fan of the bread but Madison loved it. Then we are having pistachio pudding and sugar cookies with green frosting and shamrock sprinkles for dessert!! Needless to say I have been cooking ALL day but I figure you only have holidays everyone once in awhile so live it up!!!

Emma even had peas for dinner!! Oh, and every meal was accompanied with GREEN milk!! It really grossed me out in the beginning but I got over it!!
I have now decided to have this be a tradition in our family for every St. Patrick's day!! We'll see how well I follow through!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How cute is my husband!!!

Today when I got up the girls and I walked into the kitchen to find these!!! They each were labeled with our names!! Then there was Madison's computer, with new batteries and a note for her and me!! It was so Cute, telling her to have a good day and that he would be home to play with her tomarrow. Then it said "to the person reading this to Madison I'm so excited to go to work today because after it's done I get to come home to you." I have the best husband EVER!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Girls

This morning we woke up to snow!! I have to say I was kind of gad! I am still REALLY sore from running the last two days!! So Madison and Brad went outside and made snow girls!! They made the bigger one first and that was supposed to be Emma but then the snow wasn't sticking together well so we called that one Madison and made a tiny Emma.

Madison wasn't happy with that so I told her we would put a pacifier in the tiny one for Emma and she thought that was pretty cool!!

Here are my snow babies!! Tara let us use the snow suit and it worked great!! I just kept laughing about how cute she looked!!

Gosh they are cute!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7 Months

Well time has flown and Emma is now 7 months!!
She does new things all the time!! The other day Brad actually saw her roll from her back to her stomach. I had suspected her of doing it, when I would walk out of the room and I would come back and she was moved but I never saw her!! Took awhile since she started rolling from her stomach to her back at 6 weeks!! But she is now doing all the time infront of people!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My sunshine!!

Today I got up and went "running" I use that word VERY loosely, but I'm trying!! Anyways, when I went out it was really cloudy!! Which made me think of the sun...see where this is going!! So I thought I would post some sunshine!!