Friday, April 18, 2008


Madison has been loving it Washington!! She loves playing with all her uncles and her cousins!! I just think when we leave she is going to be awfully bored!!
Today Madison was playing guitar with her grandpa, she sure loving being around her grandpa and grammie!!

So I just had to post this one since I've gotten comments on never putting pictures of me up, so there I did it!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Washington here we come!!

I am so excited!! Tomorrow Madison and I are going to Washington to visit my family and I can't wait. It's been since last summer since I have seen most of them. There is actually quite a few of them up there, those who don't know my sister and her kids moved up there when her husband left to Iraq. So I get to see my parents, brothers (except Matt) and Tara and her kids!! I can't wait. I get to stay for three weeks, the only bad thing is Brad is not getting go. And we will miss him a ton!! So obviously there will probably be a three week slump on my blog, so sorry about that!!