Monday, December 28, 2009


This Christmas was fabulous!! Madison was so excited!! She ran out looked around and decided she didn't' get her Santa present she wanted, before even opening it!! That is how excited she was!Emma's present was a huge success!!
And Madison did get her Pop n' style cabbage patch!! She loved it!! She's only been asking for it since before her birthday in September!!

True to form Emma had just as much fun with the boxes as she did with her presents.

My favorite was between a video camera and my cricut!! Brad did REALLY good this year!!
(Ignore the picture!! I had to document Brad's great year! He is SO proud of himself!!!)

Even Aunt Heather and Aunt Jess had fun with the toys!!
We had a great Christmas spending time with family!! I'd say it was our best yet!! Kids just make Christmas so much more!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today was a pretty busy day! We had to get the house cleaned, finish up shopping, family over the morning and then again in the evening!!
But we did find time to dance to the Christmas music and the girls had a blast!!
It was hilarious, one of the songs we had on was Elvis' "Santa bring my baby back to me." Madison was singing with it and in the beginning it says " I don't need a lot of presents," right after she said that she said "oh, no we do need a lot of presents!!" It was the funniest thing!! I swear we really do talk about the true meaning of Christmas!!
Brad's family came over and we watched a movie about Christ's birth and then played our New FaVOrIte game "Things"!!
The night ended with the girls opening their Christmas P.J.'s which they loved, a little more then I expected!!
Which is always nice when it works out that way!!
When Madison got in her bed she actually pulled back the curtain to find a star to make a wish for Santa to come. I don't know if that means she's done something bad I don't know about, so Santa wouldn't come OR she's just really excited!!
Hopefully it's just the REALLY excited!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Carolers

For our project this week we made carolers.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!! The hats look cuter if they are the same color as the people but I am a boring sock person!! White is pretty much all we have!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids, Kids, and more Kids

I started watching two little boys when school started and just started watching two more little girls!! Kind of crazy yes but its only twice a week, so not to bad!! After watching 6 kids (including mine) for a day I decided I needed to have a project a day to brake up the monotony for the kids and me!!So we made Kool-Aid play dough!!
It was REALLY easy, smelt GREAT (we used Cherry) and was a hit!!
And we always have time for dress up, apparently EVERYONE enjoys it!! Today we added another little girl and boy so we had LOTS of little princesses!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowman E.T.

Brad and Madison finally got around to making a snowman out of all our snow!! Some how it ended up looking like E.T.
Now we have a Darthvader snowman two houses down. My friends husband couldn't be beat by E.T. but technically he cheated, he actually used the helmet and cape!!
So we win!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Dresses

This year I didn't want to do my usual dress!! Well the color! I always do the typical reds in varying shade. I decided to do blue!! My favorite color! Now looking at the pictures I should have taken them with the cardigans off, the top is simple but very cute!!
Speaking of cardigans, it took me two months to find ones that were the same in the sizes I needed. I would always find them in 4T but never in 12 months!! It was a pain!! My suggestion, buy black cardigans right when they come out in the fall of you will never find them again!!

For those who wonder why you don't see Emma as much, this is why!! She is always on the move and will not sit still for anything...she's definitely not the poser her sister is!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our attempt of pictures infront of our Christmas tree

My mom sent these cute antlers for the girls so I thought lets take pictures in front of the Christmas Tree since we have the camera back!
Madison did pretty good!! We had to have the balloon's in all the pictures because I didn't want a fight and they were tied on pretty tight!! SO that's the ribbon in the picture.

The ones where there was no screaming the balloons took over!
Then there was the screaming
Decent one with no covering or screaming Then Madison took the camera
And we got some FABULOUS ones!!
Emma was not happy(apparently neither was Brad)
Then it ended with us laughing and Emma screaming!!
The joy of family pictures!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I don't hear any stomping"

Madison and I have our morning ritual of getting up and doing an exercise video!! Yes, Madison works out with me, she even gets the biggest spoons we have and uses them as her weights! Its really cute! Well this morning right before we worked out I made muffins, I put them in the oven and left the bowl on the floor in the kitchen so Madison could eat the leftover batter. I was doing jumping jacks and then push ups, and I heard "Mom I don't hear any stomping!" Confused as to what she was talking about I asked her what she meant, and her response was " I don't hear you stomping!" with this little, I've caught you trying to skip out on exercising while I wasn't watching, tone to her voice!! Like she was my trainer and I she caught me cheating while she left the room! So I explained to her that the I just switched to the next exercise, apparently that was enough of an explanation for her, she finished her batter, and came to exercise with me.
Probably to make sure I wasn't slacking off!!!
I couldn't believe it, my four year old was chastising me, later I wanted to comment on how instead of doing abs, which she deemed too hard, she ran in place. Which seemed like a cop out, but I thought that would be a little catty!!