Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 years!!

Well its been seven years yesterday and I'm feeling good!!
We haven't gotten a ton of time together lately with Brad working ALL the time, but yesterday we spent the day in Reno and it was SO fun!! I love my girls but sometimes its nice to just have time for the two of us, and it was great!!!
I have such a great husband!! And I love him so much!! I think the thing I love about him the most is he is such a great father, I don't think I could ask for much more, even though I do!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Madison's Fourth Birthday Party

We decided this year to do a Friend birthday party for Madison!! Coming from a family who only did family parties I wasn't sure exactly what to do. Madison and I decided on Candy land theme and from that I decided to do a Candy walk and bounce house!! I figured I didn't want to plan too much!!I think the Candy walk was pretty successful, it took some directions but it was fun. I just drew the cards form Candy land and whoever was on that color when the music stopped got candy. I figure you can't go wrong with giving Candy!
Here is the cake!! I don't know what I was thinking deciding to make it, but my Mom always did that so I wanted to continue that tradition!!

This year she got LOTS of makeup, which was EXACTLY what she wanted!!
She was so excited for her Makeups, as she calls it!!

The bounce house was a lot of fun but kind of crazy with all the kids, when everyone left Madison and Emma were on and off of it all afternoon!!

By the time 3 came around Madison was so tired!!
But not enough to stop her from planning her party for next year!!
Even though her mother might not EVER plan one again!!
I had to post this, in one of the makeup sets she got had press on nails and she had to put them on with her make up!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"I can do it now cause I'm 4!!"

That's Right today Madison is FOUR!!

This morning she told me she would be four when she blew out her candles, so I had to explain that it was the day not the candles that made her four. We were making her birthday breakfast (blueberry muffins) and she wanted to do everything!! Her reasoning was because she was four she could do it!! Her actual words were "I can do it now cause I'm four!!" It amazes me when your little how the next day makes you able to do things, but when your older it feels completely the same!!

Here are some pictures of our little "sweety".





And Four

She had to wear purple today because its her favorite color...even her panties had to be purple!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well I have really been slacking on posting lately!! But we have been pretty busy with watching kids, birthdays, and life in general!! In the last little while Emma has started walking (Finally!!)She is a lot more sturdy then Madison was at this stage and falls a lot more gracefully then Madison. I'm excited to not have a child with bruises ALL over her head form walking!!

Brad has also taught Em how to growl when she eats!! I think he really needs a boy so he can stop trying to turn my little girls to beasts!!

I have also found out why Madison is SO excited to get big (tomorrow is her birthday, so she has been talking about it!) She wants to get big so she can get married!! I asked her what was so great about being married, just wondering what she would say, and she said "because you did it!!" Then I asked her who she was going to marry and she said "I already told you, Prince Eric!!!"