Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School

The day I have been dreading finally came!! Madison's first day of school!! And this year they started way to early for my taste! Instead of the end of August, it was August 15th!! SUPER early!! But she was ready and so excited!! She couldn't wait to go and I was holding back tears that I had thought I had cried out that morning before I even got her up!

I think she looks so cute in her little uniform!!

Fortunatly she has her cousin Lynnie in the class so that made it easier, well for me anyways, for Madison it was an added plus but she was so excited about school she would have been fine either way!

She did so great and I think I did good too!! I didn't cry once infront of her!! Overall a fabulous start to the school years!!


Christensen family said...

she is adorable.

Alisha said...

oh man that little face! i can't believe we have daughters and that they are growing up. not only are we mothers, but we aren't new mothers! crazy